Roll up sunglasses are here to revolutionise sunglasses as you knew them. We are bringing innovation to fashion, and we offer you the most original designs.
Roll-up sunglasses Sunfold TR6
Sunfolds aren’t just sunglasses. With their unique design, they become a part of you. Choose your Sunfolds and dare to go one step ahead.
Sunfold Germany Roll-up Sunglasses
If you like to have the latest fashions & your own unique style, get these fleek Roll-up Sunglasses now! The practical & comfortable sunglasses stand out for their unique, striking designs & will give you a more urban feel. Their foldable frames & flexible temples make them very versatile sunglasses that you can wear them on your wrist or leave them on your bike handlebars or bag strap.
Roll-up sunglasses Sunfold TR4